émai dalat

Rosemary smoked duck

Émai Restaurant

Sensational, authentic European flavours in the heart of Dalat, Vietnam

Using the finest of Dalat’s clean produce and cheese imported from Italy, we passionately homecook dishes that blend Italian customs and contemporary dining, delivering a truly unforgettable experience.

panna cotta

Émai Cafe

Wholesome and indulgent homemade desserts and drinks

Have a taste of heaven with our handpicked selection of special homemade cakes and desserts

Room Lila

Our Rooms

Gorgeous and rustic little rooms

Our cozy guest rooms recall the picturesque charm of the Dalat countryside, with a touch of Zen and contemporary aesthetics from Europe and Japan.

Dining room

A cosy nest, a joie de vivre.

Nestled in Vietnam’s most romantic city, émai is a dream born out of our love for nature, beauty, and good food, all housed together in a rustic little garden home.

We hope you’ll find deep contentment in our selection of jazz and classical music, garden flowers and candles, all handpicked to give you a poetic authentically European atmosphere of warmth, togetherness, and gentle beauty.

Garden flower

Emai Bookings

Amidst the sublimity, let émai be your nook for comfort and beauty, delighting your senses and palate in the most tender of ways.